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Digital Transformation through
Open Source Technologies

Our Journey So Far...

Xplantr Ltd. is an IT service provider that leads digital transformations for clients by managing and modernizing from super simple to bafflingly complex systems. We also integrate these varied systems with the latest technologies and digital solutions to help clients achieve better business outcomes. Started in 2013, Xplantr is working as an end-to-end enterprise IT solution provider in Dhaka and New Jersey. We form strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors to deliver Enterprise-level business solutions and system integration services.


As the oldest strategic partner of the U.S.-based Digital Firefly Marketing, our team continues to tackle mission-critical digital transformation obstacles holistically with due diligence. This relentless focus is the secret to our longstanding partnership with such dynamic businesses.


At Xplantr, we’re skilled and professional in analytics, operations management, and technology. We build custom software from the scratch that is fit for your purpose and seamlessly integrates with any existing IT footprint. We understand how important it is to the overall efficiency of your business that you have the right software for all of your company needs.


Global businesses are shifting to digital technology in order to generate better results. Therefore, we provide our customers with integrated enterprise solutions, platforms, products and services to accomplish their company objectives, decrease IT spending, reduced company costs and gain competitive advantage.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are and how we work. We have developed a powerful and vibrant culture through integrity, focus, enthusiasm and respect, where modelling ideas are keys to our success.

Our Vision

We believe in quality over quantity. We want to be more than just a usual place of work. This helps us create, and retain our amazing, motivated and inspiring employees, who have the desire to stay constant and up-to-date with the latest knowledge and developments. Our team is committed to deliver the best possible help and the most possible values to our clients.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to assure continued growth of shareholder equity and to provide an environment for personal growth and professional advancement for every employee. We maximize returns on technology investments for our clients by providing solutions with optimum combination of open source and commercial technologies.

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