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Liferay DXP: a worthwhile investment

Imagine an enterprise software that has been built with the sole target of excelling modern digital solution provider for business organizations: that is what Liferay DXP brings for the fast-growing tech-savvy users. Liferay Canada general manager Joseph Shum said: “We solve a lot of problems that a CMO (chief marketing officer) would be trying to solve; or perhaps someone that is tasked with creating a new internal product in the CIO’s office.” The main check marks of a Digital Experience Platform for being chosen are to ensure that solutions are prompt, simple, secure and money-making! Liferay understands this fundamental necessity of the customers and therefore has engineered their enterprise solution which marvelously simplifies the users’ work pressure. And not only that, Liferay solutions come with a full package of support, maintenance, and legal assurance. So whether it is a school, or a restaurant chain, a five-star hotel, or a telecommunications network that you own: Liferay DXP can strengthen the backbone of your business structure.

Coming to the question of how worthwhile an investment Liferay DXP is, well, the potentials are huge. Liferay DXP has the most intuitive Partner Portals which connects the collaborators or allies for working together anywhere anytime. The next brilliant concept that Liferay DXP has implemented is the idea of serving customers as one. Liferay DXP has intranets that fit the business and connect with multiple systems so that employees can unite in working out any project for the customers. Liferay DXP has customer portals that are built with the purpose of understanding and getting in touch with the customers by reducing the hassle and costs of traveling to them or through the long and costly telephone conversations. On top of these facilities, the website, integration platform and the platform of enterprise solution factories altogether make Liferay DXP a haven for any business upgrading digitally.

Operation Continuity:

Liferay DXP is a master in operation continuity. It is renowned for its portal migration through minimal intervention and upgraded project implementations. With provisions for easy back and recovery of data, systems, plugins, and workflows during mapping of systems, it mitigates any minor problems during the mitigation.

Investment Return:

Whether it is a large technological upgrade or a minor plugin development, decision makers or directors always want to know about the return on investment. They expect a guarantee on the returns or enhancements to current processes. Liferay DXP’s portal development has the lowest cost of ownership in the entire technology realm.


During an upgrade in any system, the question of adaptability comes in between the new upgraded programs in contrast to the existing platform. But in the case of Liferay DXP, these are not even a topic of a headache as it has multiple built-in plugins, portlets, and features that can be integrated barely affecting any existing platform or data. Not only this, Liferay DXP avails the option of adding more innovative plugins and features that can enrich the Liferay Upgrade portal.

Technology Partner:

Liferay has bonded itself into a global network of partners. The partnering organizations not only provide employment and training to the developers but also provide certificates once they are able to meet the Liferay criteria for certified users. This puts a great positive impact on community partnerships as well as boosts social connection and trust among technology enthusiasts and enterprises.

Integrated implementation of technology:

The dynamic structure used by Liferay DXP allows itself to collate, integrate and merge databases and functionalities of existing systems quite easily.  Liferay DXP can be integrated with all modern and legacy technologies like C+, Java, .NET, PHP etc. On top of that, Liferay 7 has an active strong community that can execute major technology hurdles with great collaborations to solve complex business issues. Feeling like you have got the business enterprise version of Jarvis from Iron Man series? Needless to say, the regular releases of the latest version to include new functions, plug loopholes and security gigs for existing Liferay portal users are always in the pipeline. So yeah, you may feel like a superhero while your software simplifies most of the tasks for you.


Summing it all up, Liferay DXP is surely the package with the best value in the best price among its competitors in the enterprise solutions market. After all, no other providers can support its clients for impressing their customers round the clock both online and offline. Go and have a trial check and see it for yourself if you please! After all, seeing is believing! Dave Overoye, Project Manager for Globe Observer on Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) said: “Once our developers understand the Liferay platform, they can modify it to do anything. Literally anything.” So yes, all that you need to do now is give it a shot to let yourself experience a dynamic culture of enterprise solution facility.

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