Steps of ERP/CRM Implementation and Customization Process

ERP/CRM Development

We go through six phases in ERP/CRM Implementation and Customization process. They are as follows:

Phase 1: Requirements Gathering

This is where we learn the existing process flow of your company along with your desired workflow that you would want to have in your customized ERP and map the same with the existing functionality of Odoo.


Phase 2: System Design

In this case, we would design the flow of the system that we would need to put in place to bring to you the final product.


Phase 3: Customization

Where user requirements cannot be put together by configuration alone, we move on to do customization to incorporate all such changes.


Phase 4: Testing

One of the important phases where we ensure the end-user receives a bug-free final product.


Phase 5: Deployment

Our IT-Admin would deploy the customized code onto your servers or the cloud account that you have purchased with all the necessary OS and Odoo configuration to provide you with a optimized system.


Phase 6: Training

Yet another important phase where we do realize that your employees are the ones to use the product on their regular work. We will be there to provide you with the best training on using the system and guiding you through the entire solution.

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